What to consider when internationalising?


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Would you like to offer your services abroad?
Are you unsure about the certificates required for your product?
Are you looking for distribution partners abroad


The Enterprise Europe Network offers concrete assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on all questions of internationalisation. Especially smaller companies are often lacking specialists to support them, for example, in applying for EU funding or in EU legal matters.

The experts in the network are eager to help you to reduce this knowledge and information disadvantage and support you in opening up the EU internal market in the best possible way.


Our services

We support you with our practical knowledge of markets on your journey to international expansion.

Main topics:

  • Offering products and services abroad
  • Information on countries and import regulations
  • Searching for suppliers, service partners, trade agents
  • Subsidies for exports and setting up a business
  • Public procurement
  • SME feedback to the EU


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